Monday, January 30, 2012

Charisma and ecclesial organization

In my sermon (follow that link to read it) on the Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany, I addressed the need for constant renewal in the Church of its charisma (or grace) from God in order to keep that charisma fresh and alive.


Jesse A. Lowe said...

I watched the Jefferson Bethke video and I disagree he's a saint. His poetry is a lot like the stuff me and my friends wrote when we were his age. Church=dead and cold traditions. Jesus=love, joy and freedom. But at age 40 I think I can have my Jesus and my church too. I need the communion table every Sunday to heal, to renew and to refocus. I want to be in community with other broken people. I want to put my energy with others and within the church reach out and do things I can't do by myself. At the ripe age of 40 I think I have a different and more nuanced view than Jefferson Bethke...his view point has valid points. Jesus may not have come to build the church, but the church is a human way to try and make a lab for experiencing the mysterious and make a hostel for the soul sick to be tended to and be healed. So I disagree, Jefferson Bethke is not a saint. More of a prophetic voice.

George Clifford said...

Perhaps prophets are saints. In any case, saints are not perfect. I agree about the importance of Jesus and Church.