Sunday, September 1, 2013

Attacking Syria

President Obama has announced that he will seek Congressional approval before taking military action against Syria. This is an important and constructive move because it takes a step away from the imperial presidency (the Constitution assigns Congress the power to declare war) and because it makes military action against Syria less likely.

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship has disseminated a Just War analysis of possible military action against Syria that I wrote. In that essay, I argue that military action against Syria would not satisfy the just war norms of just cause, right authority, proportionality, and reasonable chance of success.

The situation in Syria is deplorable. However, war is the answer to very few problems and for the U.S. to believe that it can solve another nation's problems requires great hubris.

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Ted said...

I don't think we will understand international conflicts until we have numerous terrorist attacks on our soil.
Any of the host of nations we keep attacking, under false guises, could bring us down at any time.
Once again your writings on war should be read by everyone, including congress.