Monday, February 3, 2014

The Superbowl

A friend forwarded this link on how reporting about the Superbowl might read in another country.

In this nation that sometimes loudly laments its violent culture, professional football increasingly seems incongruous. From what little I know, brain injuries are cumulative; helmets and other padding make serious concussive injuries more likely, and yet people continue want to play and to watch. The deaths and injuries may be less visible than they were in the Roman Coliseum, but I’m not sure there is a huge difference.

A critical component of peacemaking consists in reorienting one's own life away from violence and toward peace. Why not soccer instead of American football?


Stan Theman said...

The colossal tedium of soccer.
The violence gets transferred from the field to the stands.

Anonymous said...

American football is a proxy for traditional warfare, with advancing lines, defense, and application of force.

Soccer strikes me as a proxy for centralized government bureaucracy. They spend an interminable amount of time just controlling the ball, and the end result is a score of 2-to-1.