Thursday, February 11, 2016

Listening for echoes

Almost fifteen years ago, after a visit to the former Church of St. Etienne, which is now a museum, in Beaugency, France, I wrote:

Echoes of voices
Resounding from hard walls
Hard floors,
A space full of echoes of life.

The former Church of St. Etienne
An unsmiling woman,
Proud beauty weighed with the cares of years;
Ripe fields, bright flowers –
Echoes of life,
Refracted from eye and hand of artist.

Built for echoes,
Echoes of the unseen,
Heard in water and bread and wine and light,
With a voice that echoed across the centuries
And echoes even now.

Few if any
Hear the ever so soft reverberations,
As they see and feel these new
Echoes of life.

Lent is a time to listen for the echoes, to hear a word (or music) of life in the spaces of our lives that seem empty, perhaps even deserted, spaces that we preserve museum-like, unwilling to fill them but unsure of why we keep them. And in those echoes, one can sometimes experience anew an elusive love, a force that draws us more deeply into the elusive mystery at the heart of life.

What spiritual discipline have you chosen to practice this Lent to help you hear the echoes of the divine?

[This Ethical Musings post was first published in 2014.]

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