Ethical Musings is changing

Change is endemic and pervades the cosmos. Ethical Musings, part of the cosmos, is not exempt from change.

First, Ethical Musings posts will generally appear only once a week.

Second, your best assurance of not missing any Ethical Musings posts is to either subscribe to Ethical Musings by email or as a feed to your reader. Doing either is easy. Furthermore, the distribution lists for Ethical Musings are never sold or used for any purpose other than to send you Ethical Musings posts. Consequently, subscribing by email or feed is safe and will not expose you to unwanted material or identity theft.

Third, my Facebook page, previously used to alert people to Ethical Musings posts is now the Ethical Musings page. I will continue to highlight new posts on the Ethical Musings Facebook page. My personal page will disappear from sight.

One constant is that Ethical Musings will continue to focus on progressive Christian theology and ethics.

Another constant is that reader suggestions of topics for blog posts and comments on posts are always welcome. The best way to express your thoughts about a post is to add a comment to the post. Alternatively, send me an email.
Best wishes for 2018!


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