Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What will you regret?

When death nears, what will you regret? These are the top five regrets of people who are dying:
1.    I wish I hadn’t worked so hard
2.    I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends
3.    I wish I had let myself be happier
4.    I wish I had had the courage to express my true self
5.    I wish I had lived a life true to my dreams instead of what others expected of me
Obviously, when death nears, it’s too late to change one’s lifestyle and behaviors. And sometimes death comes unexpectedly.
Stated affirmatively, the five points provide a thought provoking rule of life. Here’s one version; I recommend crafting your own.
1.    I balance relationships, pleasure, and work.
2.    I stay in touch with loved ones and friends.
3.    I choose happiness over negative emotions.
4.    I seek to be faithful to my values, goals, and personality.
5.    I will follow the dream God gives me, to be all that I can be, as I live into the abundance of God's grace and love.

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