Monday, March 23, 2015

Feeling good about guilt

Guilt feelings are common. The Church often has a well-deserved reputation for inducing guilt feelings. Yet seldom does the Church help people understand guilt and to deal with it constructively. My most recent sermon addresses the problem of guilt, first analyzing what guilt is, and then offering practical suggestions on how guilt can be a force for good and spiritual growth in one's life (also available at Ethical Musings via this link).


Anonymous said...

"Research has shown that Americans feel guilty approximately two hours per day and, for 39 minutes of that time, feel moderate to severe guilt."
I find this research as very flawed. If you have that much guilt, you really do need help or support.
Yes I have felt guilty but nowhere that often or daily. In most of my guilt feelings I have tried to make amends even to my detriment in career or relationships. Of those I failed to act, I still wish I had acted.
Do I fell guilty about being ready to deliver many nuclear weapons to adversaries home country, no is my answer. For us willing to make war as a nation or society is bewildering but having sworn to use it if required brings no guilt.
I felt no guilt by missing your sermon, I did read it, as the Civil War reenactment was a lesson most of us should observe. Walking through the camps and seeing men, women, and children acting the part and seeing the possible devastation war brings just made me look at our past and wish we don't repeat it in the future.
Keep those blogs coming.

George Clifford said...

The researcher I cite in the sermon – Roy Baumeister – is a psychologist known for his research on guilt. Like you, I found the statistic hard to believe. Even if he is wrong by an error of 100%, an hour of guilt per person per day is still a lot. Some people feel guilty most if not all of the time, whereas other people experience little guilt. I'm glad that you did not experience any guilt missing my sermon!