Saturday, March 14, 2015

The irony of defense spending

This chart dramatically shows excessive US military spending compared to other major nations and helps to explain why so many US political, military, and business leaders frequently push for the US to take military action. Defense spending on this vast scale is impossible to justify if a nation does not flex its military muscle, regardless of the potential consequences.

(Chart from the  Washington Post)
Military spending by just four European nations (the UK, Germany, France, and Italy) dwarfs what Russia spends on its military. Similarly, the US spends four times as much on its military as China spends on its military.

With decaying infrastructure (crumbling roads and bridges, e.g.), mounting healthcare bills, and a second rate education system, the US could achieve more for its population and become more competitive internationally by spending substantially less on defense and more on infrastructure, healthcare, and education. Ironically, defense spending is making the US more vulnerable and less secure.

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