Happy Thanksgiving!


Two questions I find worth thinking about on Thanksgiving (and also on many other days) are (1) For what am I thankful? Thankfulness or gratitude inherently point to the source or giver of that for which I am thankful. Therefore, (2) to whom (or what) am I thankful?

My experience is that by becoming aware of those things for which I’m truly thankful, I:

·       Develop and/or strengthen a positive outlook on life

·       Develop and/or strengthen my appreciation of the source(s) of those things

·       Cultivate an optimistic outlook, diminishing any pessimism I may feel

In an era when an unchecked pandemic threatens life and silliness surrounding the recent US election unsettles many in addition to the usual persistent litany of woes (wars, famines, racism, injustice, etc.), a daily practice of thankfulness can help a person to maintain a healthy sense of personal peace and equilibrium.



I have a similar experience!

Best to you and Susan!


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