Musings about establishing a Leadership PAC

Recent news media articles report that President Trump’s leadership political action committee (PAC) has raised more than $170 million. The PAC reportedly raised the money following his defeat in his bid for a second term as President.

I’m thinking of establishing my own leadership PAC. Apparently, the only real limitation on how a leadership PAC can spend its money is a $5000 cap on a contribution to each political campaign. Money in a leadership PAC can legally fund an individual’s personal expenditures without limitation – at least if news media reports are correct.

You like me, don’t you? You think that I, like Donald Trump, deserve to live a luxurious lifestyle paid for by someone else, don’t you? Wouldn’t you contribute generously to my leadership PAC even if contributions aren’t deductible on your taxes? Generous support for my leadership PAC may also help me, like Trump, enjoy a lavish lifestyle while concurrently managing my personal finances in a way that allows me to legally avoid paying income taxes.

Unlike Trump, I’m not a narcissist. I’ll thank you for your generosity and not demand unquestioning loyalty. Unlike Trump, no entity that I’ve led has ever declared bankruptcy. Unlike Trump, I’ve not acquired a reputation as a liar. To frame those remarks in positive statements, I’m trustworthy. I’m a competent fiscal manager. And I’ll not seek revenge if after contributing to my PAC you subsequently decide you prefer not to give my PAC any additional gifts.

Furthermore, I don’t have hundreds of millions of dollars of debt coming due in the next few months (or ever!). I try to be nice to people and find no pleasure in making necessary decisions even if the decision may cause hurt (no gleeful “You’re fired!” from me). I trust good science as a basis for decision making. I try to gather a reasonable amount of data before making a decision (nobody ever has all of the facts). I like learning. I read a wide variety of materials. I prefer substance over show. I try to live a life defined by generosity, service and relationships instead of a life characterized by achievement, status and wealth.

Liking to think the best of people, I’m optimistic about my PAC’s success. Since people have donated $170 million to Trump’s leadership PAC, my leadership PAC, once established, I hope that my PAC might receive contributions of at least several million. I hope you agree my PAC would represent a good use of your money. Additionally, I promise to account fully and openly for all donations and expenses.

So, when I establish my leadership PAC, I’m counting on you to contribute generously.


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